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"This free-speech forum is predicated upon the idea that the other side is worthy of real open-debate, regardless of who the other side is."

NOTICE - 18 AUG 2021 -

UPDATE | Good news and bad news! We have located our SysOp in Europe and he is alive. The bad news is that the situation is really quite serious indeed, so we are taking a collection to help his family. If you wish to donate to that fund please contact Scott Smith.

Therefore, we anticipate that this unfortunate circumstance with our SysOp might mean a delay of weeks in getting the forum back Online.

Note 05 AUG 2021 - I just returned from vacation today and the RODOH FORUM is down for maintenance and debugging.

We do apologize for the interruption in service and thank you for your interest and patience!

Thanks for your interest in the RODOH Forum. RODOH is a free-speech forum rather than either a Revisionist or a non-Revisionist site.

We know that the primary subject matter covered here may be extremely controversial and even taboo. Hopefully this will not deter an open and honest exchange of ideas. Perhaps our lofty motto above about free-speech and open-debate reflects an overly ambitious goal, but a message forum is only as good as its participants make it, and free-speech may not always be pretty. The RODOH administration and management are interested in answering questions and hearing any constructive criticism.

Please send comments or concerns to my administrative e-mail with the word " RODOH " in the subject line ( SLSm1701@yahoo.com ).

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