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RODOH is: Real Open-Debate on the Holocaust. For Believers, Deniers, Defenders, and Skeptics.

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The RODOH Discussion Forum is OPEN for business once again and is using phpbb forum software.

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"This free-speech forum is predicated upon the idea that the other side is worthy of real open-debate, regardless of who the other side is."

Thanks for your interest in the RODOH Forum. RODOH is a free-speech forum rather than either a Revisionist or a non-Revisionist site.

We know that the primary subject matter covered here may be extremely controversial and even taboo. Hopefully this will not deter an open and honest exchange of ideas. Perhaps our lofty motto above about free-speech and open-debate reflects an overly ambitious goal, but a message forum is only as good as its participants make it, and free-speech may not always be pretty. The RODOH administration and management are interested in answering questions and hearing any constructive criticism.

Please send comments or concerns to my administrative e-mail with the word " RODOH " in the subject line ( SLSm1701@yahoo.com ).

UPDATE - 7/26/2012

The new RODOH Discussion Forum is now open for business!

Feel free to register your user handle, post away and have fun. Please join me in extending a big welcome to those interested in using this unique forum and exchanging their ideas. To help make the board discussions interesting and to meaningfully exchange different ideas, please address arguments and in doing so endeavor to respect your fellow posters. Thank you and best wishes ! ~ Scott Smith

historical note - 7/7/2012

We have a new Webmaster and some other staff and we are quite pleased to announce that the
RODOH Forum is being resumed in phpbb format and is currently in the process of undergoing beta testing. Feel free to browse around and make a test post or to leave a comment if you wish during this extended transition period. Quality is important to us so we are not in a hurry to restore full operations just yet. Thanks very much for your patience.

historical note - 4/27/2012

The so-called "RODOH 2 " Forum was up and running but it took less than a week for Yuku to delete it now too. It seems that any discussion forum that allows the subject of so-called "Holocaust Denial," whatever that means, will not get corporate approval and must be independently operated. So much for independence and free-speech, as in the days of the old non-politically correct Internet ! Ultimately a discussion forum is what its participants make it. Therefore, a big Thank You is due to those who participated in the back-and-forth for nearly a decade. ~ Scott Smith

historical note - 3/19/2012

A new RODOH 2 discussion forum is in the planning stages. As I find out more information I will post it here, and I would encourage you to continue the discussion at other related boards like:

CODOH or Inconvenient History -- (or possibly) -- JREF or Skeptics Society Forum

historical note - 2/29/2012

In May of 2011 with the RODOH 1 board's eight-year anniversary, our esteemed Moderator, Mr. "NexGen586" (aka "Mr. Mash Pie and Peas," etc.) resigned his duties, so the board had been left almost completely unmoderated, and on 2/28/2012 the Yuku board providers pulled the plug on our controversial little free-speech forum without any discussion with me or any of the other board participants. At the moment there seems to be no way to restore an archive of past eZboard or Yuku content, such as the infamous 2004 Auschwitz "Scholars Debate" between the Negationist Team and the Veritas Team.

I would like to thank all those who participated in RODOH 1 discussions from both sides since 2003. I would especially like to thank the moderators and Dr. Nick Terry for all of his work organizing RODOH 1 and its archives. Also, a belated thank you to all those who moderated interesting and informative RODOH 1 subforums, e.g., Dr. Andrew Mathis and Roberto Muehlenkamp. Thank you also to the lurkers who periodically read and browsed the board and helped to maintain interest in the forum and its difficult subject matter. And last but not least, I would like to thank those who made all of the modest but extremely significant financial donations that helped keep RODOH 1 ad-free as a "gold" Yuku board.